Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Homeschool Plans for 4rth, 2nd, and Pre-K

For the boys (4rth and 2nd grades)

Writing (used across the curriculum):

::Institute for Excellence in Writing

~20 minutes every day

Lesson plans:

(My Father's World)

::include pages to read, art and drama activities, timeline suggestions, tests, notebook pages, coloring pages, and more

History books:

Instead of one textbook, My Father's World uses many books.

::George Washington's World, In God We Trust, Building a City on a Hill, American Pioneers and Patriots, The Last 500 Years, Exploring American History, and The Story of the World

~30 minutes every day, more or less

Fun stuff to memorize:

::The United States of America: A State-By-State Guide & Presidents flashcards

~10 minutes each day

Read alouds to enhance history:

::List from My Father's World

~1 1/2 hours per week

Geography to enhance history:

::Writing a State Report/ Success with Maps/US Map memory

~30 minutes every week

Book basket time:

::15 minutes per day to independently read extra books that relate to history or science

Bible: ::Boy, Have I Got Problems (study of the book of James)

::Memorizing the entire book of James together
::Memorizing hymns from Then Sings My Soul

~30 minutes every day


:: Biology (The World of Animals) &

::Botany (Exploring Creation with Botany & Green Thumbs)

~30 minutes most days

Art history & drawing

::God and the History of Art & Draw and Write Through History

~30 minutes- 1 hour per week

Other arts

~Boys are going to a "Art projects to compliment history" class at the local parks/rec center. I was thrilled to find the class and they are going to be following the same time period in history!

~We're studying three composers by listening to cds. (forgot to take a pic!)

~Using Music Ace along with beginning piano books to teach the kids piano.


::Home-made book list for each boy combining suggestions from Ambleside and Veritas Press. Reading approximately one chapter book ever two weeks. Then they will compose a book report from one of these books (How to Report on Books & 50 Book Report Ideas) ~20-30 minutes every day

Grammar, Spelling, and Poetry

::Abeka Grammar, Poetry, & Spelling/ Grammar songs

~45 minutes every day


::SongSchool Latin and Latin for Children

~15 minutes, 2x a week

Math and Logic

::Horizons 4 &2/ Mind Benders puzzles
~Math 45 minutes every day/ Logic 10 minutes a week


~Boys are taking a homeschool pe class, plus tennis.

~Lydie is taking ballet/tap again this year.

For Lydie (pre-K)

::Horizons Preschool books and Before Five in a Row literature and activities

~1-2 hours per day/ 3 days per week


Lora said...

It looks like you've got a great lineup! I posted about our new homeschool curriculum this week, too. We are also using Apologia and Horizons Math. It's our first year for both and I'm excited about it. Happy Schooling:))

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

So fun to see what you're up to with school!! :)

I miss you, friend! So thankful for the time to give you a hug the other day!!