Saturday, July 03, 2010


When he's gone for the day on a business trip, I lose my groove. I forget until then how often I text or call with a funny moment. I forget how often I need a quick prayer or opinion. I forget how the moment his car pulls into the driveway is the best part of our day, no matter where we've been or who we've seen. I forget how much humor, leadership, calmness, and wisdom he brings to our family. I miss him desperately when work takes him away! Here's what a crazy, pathetic day without Andy looks like:

::Lots of activities to wear out the kids::
*Yippee for free summer movies!! The movie was followed up by the library and swimming!
::Spur-of-the-moment shopping trip for spur-of-the moment house projects::

*Finally installed the book rack I promised years ago!
*$25 IKEA frame+old paint=new chalkboard
::Quiet activities while I relax::*"Where's Waldo?" buys me serious down time

*Paper airplanes: Joshua's new obsession

::A date with these two girls while I pray for his safety at his perilous job sight

::Less-than-exciting (pathetic) meals ::

I was SO thankful (and exhausted) when he walked in the door!!

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