Friday, November 21, 2008

Weird book-related facts about me?

I was tagged by my friend Sally for this meme. My answers are very boring and generic! I have very few weird facts that are book related. In fact, none of these are really that weird. Oh well!

1. When I first learned to read, my Mom took us to the book store once a week for a new book.
2. The first couple of months all that I wanted were the Disney princess books. Fine literature there.
3. Then I read Charlotte's Web in second grade and began to enjoy the adventure of reading (and an interesting plot).
4. I looked forward to the summer reading challenge at the library during elementary school more than swimming or ice cream. That may be an exaggeration. My favorite summer books were A Wrinkle in Time, Caddie Woodlawn, Alice in Wonderland and the Little House series.
5. I cried so hard in fifth grade at the end of Sounder that I had to ride my bike around the neighborhood all afternoon to collect myself.
5. In middle school I discovered boys and eyeshadow. I have no memories of reading for pleasure in middle school. Not a single one.
6. Then I got my honors English summer reading list the summer before ninth grade. I devoured Rebecca, Little Women, and The Great Gatsby. Literature/English was one of my favorite subjects in high school and college. I was also enamored with Hamlet later in tenth grade, my first taste of Shakespeare.
7. Today I enjoy reading very much, although it is not my favorite past time. I like to create things (paint, craft, decorate), which I choose many nights in my spare time. I read for pleasure, but also as a discipline. I appreciate the way a book, fiction or non-fiction, changes my view of the world. I like to read about people and places that challenge me. I enjoy fiction the most, specifically historical fiction. But I read a great deal of theology and non-fiction books as well. On average, I read a couple of books a month. I feel like I've done myself a great disservice if I don't read a chapter of something a day, which is not terribly uncommon. My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird and I love any well-written fiction set in the south. Some non-fiction books that have made a big impact on me are The Ministry of Motherhood, Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God, The Well-Trained Mind and C.S. Lewis' works (fiction and non-fiction). I read at least 5 or 6 books a day to my kids. I could write lists and lists of my favorite children's books. I'll save that information for another post!

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sally apokedak said...

Wow!I'm so glad you decided to play along. You had me cracking up. You do look like a Disney princess kind of girl. ha ha

I'm a little disappointed in you for your shameful dumping of books for boys in your middle grades, but I guess I'll get over it.

One point I think you forgot to mention--am I imagining things or aren't you the one who reads at stoplights?

Please do make up your list of favorite kids books. I'd love to see what you come up with.

Also, if you're looking for fun gift for the family this year, you might want to consider the Wildreking book to read aloud to the boys. Since you like southern and historical, and since you obviously have a sense of humor, I'm sure you'll like the books. And I suspect your boys will be like my kids were, begging for "Just one more chapter" every time you try to put the books down. Here's a link to the first one in case you want to give them a try:

Bark of the Bog Owl

Well, I don't know. They aren't really princess books. Andy and the boys would like them, but you might feel a need to take your little sweet girl into another room. heh heh

Anyway, thanks for playing. I'm enjoying getting to know you a little better through your blog.