Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look what I made!

I had the ambitious idea of selling aprons this Christmas season. I am an amateur on the sewing machine. But, unfortunately in this case, I am a visionary optimist. Translation: I always, always (obliviously) bite off more than I can chew. Always.
When I mentioned that I was thinking of selling home-made aprons my best friend (bravely) placed the first order for three. She envisioned her mom, daughter and herself wearing them together at Thanksgiving. It took me nearly 12 hours to complete this first one! I had to drive to Hancock Fabrics twice and ask my favorite saleslady for help. She very graciously gave me sewing advice and didn't seem the least bit annoyed with my two year old, wiggly, Dora-singing sidekick.
Man, oh man, am I a nut. The funny part is that I really enjoyed this project...until the last hour. Unfortunately, the task of completing the last details lead to impatience and the utterance of a few unmentionable words. Striving to encourage, my husband said, "I bet you can finish the second one in 8 hours or less!" That helped loads, let me tell ya.
But anyhoo, I finished. I'm pretty happy with my little creation. It's hand-made, right here in the good ole USA, what more could you want? And the print is so cute- shopping in Paris with pink plaid accents. Thanks, Lizzie, for faithfully supporting another one of my crazy schemes. Hope you enjoy!


Alicia said...

The apron is too cute for words! You really did a great job and just think - each one will get just a little bit easier.

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

That's AWESOME!! I'm so impressed with your gifts and abilities!

:) Perhaps some day, if I have a girl, you could make me matching ones too! :)

Well done, sweet friend!