Monday, November 17, 2008

Back in the saddle again

We are on the mend. A weekend at home seemed to do the trick. I am very thankful to be back in the saddle for a new week. Praise God for restored health, a blessing I often take for granted. Jackie reminded me, in the comments from my last entry, that we can praise God, even in sickness, that we are generally healthy. It is sweet that she mentioned it, because I had just been lying in bed praying against a pity party the night before. And the Lord reminded me that I have three healthy children, an enormous blessing. After our medical scares with our oldest son and our miscarriage (due to birth defects), I do think often when things are tough that they really aren't THAT tough.
I am very, very thankful today for good health. My verse for the week comes to mind,
Psalm 24:1
"The earth is the Lord's and all that is in it. The world and all those that live in it."
May all that I have, germ-infested home and all, be seen as a gift from my generous heavenly Father.
*Pictured above: Dad proving that you really can start a fire with a magnifying glass. When you have a nasty cold, but still feel good, you get around to stuff like this. Another reason to feel blessed!

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Jackie said...

So glad that you are all feeling better! You and I both have so much to be thankful for!