Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Deck the halls...for THANKSGIVING!

I love November and the Thanksgiving holiday. I become a little offended and protective when people and stores want to pass directly from Halloween to Christmas. So I typically decorate several spots in our house with thanksgiving cheer.
I have wanted wheat bundles for years. I saw them first in Pottery B*rn years ago. I don't remember the price, but I know it was laughable. Today I found this bundle for less than $4 at Wal-Mart. I just tied a rubber band and some chocolate-colored ribbon around the middle for my own cheap version.
The other day I saw the corn kernel idea at my friend's house. I have used dried beans, acorns, coffee beans, ornaments and fruit in my hurricane vases. But I had never seen this idea! I love the beautiful color! That big ceramic turkey was a present for me the day I had Toot. My Mom and Dad stopped by Cracker Barrel on their way to the hospital. (He was born on August 31st!) Isn't that funny? I love my big old turkey.

I mentioned our "thankful garland" the other day. My camera would not cooperate at all, but it is just an orange and yellow ribbon with scrapbook paper shaped leaves. The middle has a rectangular "Thankful" made with scrapbook sticker letters. I used the mini-clothespins from Lydie's party to display our messages. We have each made a new leaf daily after breakfast devotions. Toot's apparently loves puzzles- deeply. Of all the things in the world, his #1 love is puzzles. You learn a lot about one another by making thankful leaves! (Today, day #3 he was thankful for family. At least we made his list!) Next up, thanksgiving children's books...

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