Saturday, November 08, 2008

Away from it all

We just got home from a trip home to Alabama. We had a wonderful weekend! We spent Thursday and Friday night at "the farm". I am drawn to this new family get-away more and more with each trip. Our two days consisted of hiking (for the boys), nature walks, driving through lanes covered with thick, fall-colored canopy, and resting. The still quietness is such a stark contrast to the big, bustling town in which we live. And at night, it is pitch-black with hundreds of stars in view. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to bottle the scent of the rural outdoors? The air smells so clean it is almost a sweet smell. Too bad they don't have a candle in that scent. Any way, the point is, I am slowly becoming captivated.
Today we met my brother and his family in Auburn for a day of football. Auburn is always a special place to visit. It is where my journey into adulthood began, where I fell in love with my husband, and where I met many wonderful friends. It's a beautiful, friendly town. The weather was perfect and the kids were busy and happy with cousins. And I love to be with family.
It's all the calm before "the storm". Tomorrow begins a week of Thanksgiving parties, a field trip, our first basketball practice, swim lessons and art class. I think there is a birthday party in the mix, too. We'll enjoy our day of rest tomorrow, and then off we go!
Pictured above: the old barn


Jennifer said...

Oh, that smell... I love that smell!!!

I am an Auburn '96 grad. You look so familiar... this is crazy, do I know you in "real" life????

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

How lovely! So wonderful to take a step back and remember what really matters in life.

Life gets so complicated. So glad that you took time to remember the simplicities God's awesome creation!