Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Regarding options

What will I make my focus?
~Runny noses or hot cocoa mustaches
~Tired, sick kids or a chance to snuggle
~A disappointing occurance within our church or the blessings of our church
~A missed day with friends or an opportunity to be at home all day
~Two episodes of spilled Gatorade on the new sofa or the opportunity to break bad habits
~Hurt feelings or seeking the truth without bias
~To distance myself from a friend or to embrace her
~Pouting or praying
~Looking for a way out or Looking for Joy right where I am
~Myself or my Savior
Pictured above: Lydie taking care of business


Sally Apokedak said...

oh great stuff!

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

WOW! What a day for you!!

What a beautiful outlook! Keep your chin up, sweet girl!

:) I'm so proud of you! I'll be praying for you!

Jackie said...

Profound. We are always to keep our eyes on Christ -- thank you for the reminder.