Friday, October 31, 2008


We went to a marvelous Halloween party tonight. I wish I had taken pictures of my friend's house. It was amazing, everything she creatively puts together is. With more than a dozen families that we love, we enjoyed good food, a bonfire, desserts, cocoa and trick-or-treating. Some of our favorite people were there! What a FUN night!

Lydie's little Halloween dress. She looked almost as cute in her dress as she did in her costume.

Jaybird inherited my sweet tooth. The boys happily helped me make a dessert for the party.

My Toot loves to cook with me.

Pumpkin shaped rice krispy treats were on the menu. They were so yummy!

Kissing the cook.

My boys HATE to have their picture made!

But my girl doesn't mind at all! This is Lydie as, and I quote, "Tinkbubell". Hope you had fun tonight, too!

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hyperactive lu said...

Cutest pictures!