Thursday, October 09, 2008

A rotten day

We're back home again. The past few days have been filled with tears, family stories, and many hugs. It certainly isn't all bad to absorb the death of a believer. But it's not all good either, is it?

Today was really the worst of all. With my Granddaddy's funeral behind me, I was ready to come home and rest with my thoughts. Rest: that elusive word! That obviously did not happen. As we were getting ready this morning, my husband strained his back. This happens about three times a year, and it's really painful for him. He can barely walk or sit up at all. I felt so badly for him. He hates to be in need! And I will confess, I didn't think I had the stamina to serve him well.

We made it home, the kids were fed three meals (if a gas station meal of snacks and juice counts), they were bathed, and cuddled here and there. But that's about it. Between the demands that come with traveling and returning home, plus these additional stresses, I was not myself today. I was basically a bear! Thankfully, the Lord and my family are very forgiving!

I'm going to bed. I'm praying for encouragement, strength and peace for tomorrow, none of which I had today. I'm so thankful that those things are not elusive. There is always hope through Jesus Christ, and I'm clinging to it tonight.

Psalm 22:19
"But you, O Lord, be not far off; oh my Strength, come quickly to help me."


Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

SO sorry to hear of your great loss...praying for you, sweet girl!

Sending love and hugs your way! Hang in there!

Jackie said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, but so glad your Granddaddy was so loved! You hang in there.

Abby Hutto said...

What a blessing that God's love for us is independent from our performance! I often have days like the one you just described and in the end, the only hope that I have, as I lay my head down in exhaustion at night, is that God is faithful in His love for me. What a comfort! You and I are a lot alike--it sounds like we both judge our "value" by how helpful or productive we are or by how many things we have checked off of our "to do" lists (maybe not--but I certainly struggle with this!). Sometimes I think that the Lord allows my plans to be frustrated so that I will stop resting in my performance and take delight in Him and His performance on my behalf. So know this, sweet friend and sister, you are a beloved child of God! Your pain is especially important to Him. He loves you beyond words and is constantly at work in you to produce the image of His Son. Through Him, you will be able to love and serve your husband and children, and find deep wells of joy to comfort your sad heart. I'm praying for you!

Luke said...

May today be better, and may you find rest in His grace and peace.