Thursday, October 02, 2008

Don't you just love it?

The weather has been amazing lately. I love this early start of fall. Sometimes in the south it takes until late October to have a really cool day! As a result, we have felt inclined to take our school time outside and "on the road".
Waiting for warm biscuits at McDonald's.
Why not have our drawing lesson at the playground?
Then "recess" can look like this!

Sporting her new fall clothes. Soon the fireplace will be used, too! I'm going to try to soak up all that fall has to offer this year. It's all so marvelous!

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sally apokedak said...

Great post. And the thing is: he's seen as strong as we are seen as weak. So he lets others see our weaknesses. But even that is for our good, and for the good of the church, as well as for God's glory.

Think of some of those Bible characters with their sins written for all the ages to ogle. Ugh. I'd die if God recorded my sins for everyone to see. But I'm so glad he recorded David's and Peter's and Sarah's and the rest. In his dealings with their weaknesses, we see his strength and his love.

I'm with you, though. I hate to speak in public. I hate when I see typos in my blog posts. I have to resist the urge to write follow-up posts to tell people I do know how to spell those words, I was just going too fast, etc.

I always want to have people think I'm fantastic. So here I am aging, fat, balding on top, and growing a beard on my chin. HA!

And the sad thing is that the outside is way better looking than the inside. YIKES!

Aging is great! It kind of strips you of any delusions you have of perfection. =0)

So there you go. A happy thing for you to look forward to. Aren't you glad I dropped by?