Friday, October 03, 2008

Cheers to the apple orchard

Last night we got a craving for some good apple desserts. This morning, with apples still on the brain, we decided to head north to "the mountains". It was a perfect day for my husband to join us, as he had time to take a day away from the office. We spent about five hours picking apples, walking around the farm, and touring a beautiful, quaint southern town. The weather was perfect. The children were energetic and curious. It was fun for all!A few fun activities and books for the ride.
Toot loved these cute miniature houses.
Lydie used her extroverted personality to show the apples who was boss. She was a great little picker!

We learned a little about bees along the way.

Jaybird liked to get IN the trees to find the apples!

We picked all of these apples in 15 minutes or so! We paid $12 for about 20-25 pounds of apples! This weekend we plan to make pies, applesauce and fritters. YUM!

Loved the farmer's shirt! "We plant and nurture, but it's GOD that gives the increase."

The farm had a little petting zoo that the kids enjoyed.

Have you ever tried one of these slushies? I tried the scuppernog...delicious!

Jaybird said as we left, "Cheers to the apple orchard!"


Jennifer said...

We have a muscadine abundance around here right now - a friend's vines have resulted in muscadine cobblers, jams, and muffins at our house! But slushies sound WONDERFUL!

My sister and I are going to the Apple Festival next weekend and I'm planning on buying lots of apples. One of these days I guess I should take the kids to the Apple Barn and let them pick and see where the apples really come from - which is NOT Kroger. :)

Hm... fried apple pies, applesauce, caramel apples, and of course my favorite is: plain apples sliced on the plate. Sounds like fall to me!!!

Michele said...

Days like this are exactly why I love homeschooling so much!!!