Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So many choices

Isn't it the pits when you make a purchase, only to find something better the next month? That is what has happened with several of my homeschool choices.
I purchased a wonderful drawing book book and then an amazing art appreciation book (How Great Thou Art & Discovering Great Artists). They have both been fun and enjoyable. But I have just been exposed to Artistic Pursuits. Wow, it's exactly what I wanted in ONE book, as opposed to two books that do not relate to one another. The pits. To buy or not to buy? (I am thinking I should just stick with the ones I have and make a mental note for next year.)
And then there's history...I love the IDEA of Tapestry of Grace. I didn't think I would mind the extra planning and having to find all of the resource books. But guess what? Life is too busy to have to plan a curriculum...doesn't that defeat the purpose of buying it in the first place? And 3 out of every 4 books can not be found or reserved at our library. So I have to research the topic and find other books to replace the ones that are recommended. Tick tock. Time is of the essence! And so I am regretting my choice to not use Story of the World, or what seems to be even better The Mystery of History. So easy...a lesson to read, creative writing/art projects to enhance the reading and that's it! I might have to buy this one and count my losses. (I did find Tapestry at a used book store for $45, as opposed to the $250 or so that I would have paid. So that's something, I guess. Cheap me...I am thinking of all the yard sales I could raid with that $45! :) )
If you are still reading, I assume you are a homeschooler. What do you think, should I suck it up or dole out the cash?
*Pictured above: the sweet little souls that make silly decisions like this so important


Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

SO glad that you are working all the kinks out in case I follow in your footsteps! :)

You are SO right, your precious kids ARE worth every minute of planning, effort, etc! They'll thank you in a few years! :)

sally apokedak said...

Great picture of the kids.

Wish I could advise you in the homeschool department. Can't do it. I'm the biggest failure there. And still not far enough away from the failed experiment to even guess what all went wrong. (Besides laziness and selfishness on my part)

I can, and will pray for you, though. And speaking of prayer--that is probably your greatest homeschool tool. Pray constantly.

I once tried to start a math lesson with my daughter without praying first. She, the one who had been, several times, on the receiving end of my frustrated wrath when she couldn't "get" math, was quick to remind me. "Pray, Mom. Pray, before you start the lesson."

The poor thing. But she was learning some important things. Not math, but pretty important stuff, all the same. God, in his mercy, often redeems even our biggest failings. He uses the terrible teachers to shame the good ones, maybe. If my kids become useful citizens it will be all of God's doing and none of mine.

Oh, sorry for blogging on your blog. I didn't know I was going to carry on so. It must be my Saturday morning time of procrastination.

Jackie said...

Do as I say, not as I do! I was infamous for buying material after having bought something else for the same subject, or going on to another curriculum when we were not done with the old curriculum, because new stuff is always so fun! My advice, stick with what you have. Give it time before you switch to something else next year. That way, when you decide on material next year, you'll have a better idea of what you'd like to do differently. For a long time, I was using something different for each subject and then changing it up to suit my purposes -- It truly is one of the best things about homeschooling. So, for instance, for math, we started off with Calvert, went to A Beka, then to Lifepacs, then to Saxon, then back to A Beka again. They got it, but I can't help but wonder if maybe it would have been better to stick to one method or if it would have been too boring for the kids and for me! Does that help at all?!? LOL!