Saturday, September 20, 2008

A daisy theme

Lydie will be two tomorrow. We chose a daisy theme for her party, as daisies remind me of my little girl: sweet, beautiful, charming. I set a goal last year of finding a special "party dress" for her each year. This year, with daisies in mind, it was a challenge. But it all came together.
A little party-love in the foyer. I found these wonderful perfumed soaps in a black/white print at Old Navy for $2.50. A little ribbon and voile...a party favor.

I hung a ribbon across the kitchen window displaying pictures from the year.
I found these cute mini-clothespins and bumble bee stickers to add a little detail. I love the details!

I tied pails to the chairs with the same ribbon for a little garden feel. I got these very easy daisy cake idea from Heidi's blog. (The petals are iced twinkies.)

And then a rounder daisy with just cupcakes.
Actual party pictures soon...

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Heidi said...

I love all the little details you created that come together into a beautiful little party for your daughter. Daisies are so innocent, fresh, and full of sunshine. The perfect thing with which to celebrate little girlhood. The cakes turned out great! Glad that idea worked for you.