Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A post for her baby book

What is Lydie like at 2? I hope to copy these words into her baby book one day. I remember the day I bought this book. The hints of pink sent me into fits of glee. I couldn't wait to fill it up with memories. But the scary thing is, those "unforgettable moments" become foggy with new "unforgettable moments". And by the time I open the baby book, there are too few memories left!
So, the details of our girl...
~Favorite phrases: "Why, Mommy?" "Can I see?" "Jack-see, come hep (help) me!" "I pretty, Mommy!" "What's dat?" "Come on, wet's go!" "Look at me, Mommy." "Where are du guys?" "Dat boo-boo, it huts." "What about me?" "Wanna hold you kitty." (Let me hold the kitty.) "Whed it go?" "Come back, come back." "I ont apple juice tu dwink." (I want apple juice to drink.) "I wanna turnt." "Want some?" "I wanna pway." (This could mean "I want to play" or "pray!")
~Cute misunderstanding: You always say, "You welcome" instead of "thank you". So if I get something for you, you quickly say, "You welcome." And when I say, "Lydie, you say thank you when I help you. You say, "You welcome, Mommmy." I can't seem to get through...
~Favorite toys: kitty blankie, princesses (pin-sess), baby dolls, new dollhouse, music, coloring ("cut-uh"), Peaches ("Peachy") the cat, wooden kitchen, whatever the boys have
~Yucky habits: This seems to happen only in the car. You say, "Yutty..it's a boo-gure! (Yucky it's a booger!) Here, Mommy. Take it! Take it!" (Extending it on your finger and screaming.)
~Favorite color: pink, pink, pink. I think you know a few colors, but when I ask the color of an object you always say "Dat's pink!" And then you smile and laugh.
~Favorite outfit: pink tu-tu, pink crocs (You cry if I make you wear your white sandals. You say, "No, I like pink crocs! Da crocs, da crocs!" But you are beginning to understand matching. If I point to red on your shirt and show you that your crocs don't match it actually helps.) You will cry and ask to go back home if I forget to put a bow in your hair. And you love jewelry.
~Favorite cartoon: Elmo (But I plan to introduce you to Angelina Ballerina this year. And I can't wait for you to meet Fancy Nancy!)
~Size: 25 pounds, 32 1/2 inches (25% percentile)
~Favorite place: You prefer the outdoors. You also love to be away from home. You are a social butterfly!
~Favorite food: watermellon, shredded cheese, mac and cheese, chicken ("chicky"), pizza, peas, apples, chocolate chip cookies, green beans, yogurt. You graze on small portions 5 or 6 times a day.
~Personality: attention hog, very affectionate, talkative, feminine and emotional, smart, charming, Mommy's shadow, smile and laugh a lot. You have never objected to being left with someone else. It's actually exciting for you!
~Favorite book: Museum ABC, Sesame Street books
~Things you do not like: bugs (you tremble), being told what to do, uninitiated kisses, not being the focus of conversation or attention (homeschooling your brothers is your worst nightmare), your high chair
~Movin' and grovin': you can walk down the steps without holding on, you can hang like a monkey on the monkey bars and love it, you love to be upside down, you slide alone, you can put on and take off your shoes, you can draw circles and straight lines, you buckle your top buckle in your car seat, you can get your clothes (and diaper) off, you can do simple puzzles, you can stack tall towers, you can open doors, you run fast, you jump off of a small step (but are still not quite jumping off the ground)
~First Bible memory: The first verse that you can say alone: "Obey God." And at church you have learned to listen for "God made everything." And you say, "And it was good." You can sing lots of songs, too (Wheels on the Bus, Jesus Loves Me, The B-i-b-l-e, Rockin song, Twinkle Twinkle, and some of the ABC song. But your favorite song is Ring Around the Rosie. You call is "Ashes Ashes".)
What a year it has been!


Abby Hutto said...

She is so cute! What a blessing little girls are!

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

Wonderful work to cherish each moment! You inspire me with how you take the time to capture these precious moments.

She's adorable!

Jennifer said...

I cannot believe she is two. I know I don't know you personally, but I've been reading your blog since Lydie was a baby - I remember first coming to "visit" when you were taking a break while you tried to wean her. I think... isn't that right? Boy, that was quite awhile ago. So I feel like I've kind of watched her grow up - online. How very weird. :)

What a cutie she is - I LOVE this age and the way they talk, don't you? Precious!