Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Life That Says Welcome

Tonight I am on a panel for our monthly Ladies Night Out (LNO) at church. I am going to present an opening devotion and give my 20 minute beef on our topic, "Decorating on a Dime", along with three other women on the panel. I have ALOT to say about this topic. I see decorating as the only artistic endeavor that I can justify spending my time on. Such a sad attitude! And I have always had a very slim decorating budget. So this topic excites me!

But I was a little stumped on the devotion. Devotion...decorating...devotion...decorating?? Then I began reading a new book, by God's providence, and it all fell into place. A Life That Says Welcome. The title is as lovely as the cover. And I liked the author, Karen Ehman, right away. I liked her for the same qualities that I enjoy in a friend. That is, in her writing, she is very honest with her own short comings, warm, but exhorting. This book is an practical, witty, biblically sound and fast, easy read. I recommend it!

Here is an excerpt:

"God began to teach me that there is a huge difference between entertaining and offering hospitality. Entertaining puts the emphasis on you and how you can impress others. Offering hospitality puts the emphasis on others and strives to meet their physical and spiritual needs so that they feel refreshed, not impressed, when they leave your home." (p.18)


Jackie said...

A book that really touched my heart was "First We Have Coffee" by Margaret Jensen. If you get a chance to check it out of your church library or maybe the public library has it, I highly recommend it. I think it goes to the heart of hospitality -- which is a thankful heart.

sally apokedak said...

What a great quote on hospitality! I love it.