Friday, March 14, 2008

U-N-C-O-M-F-O-R-T-A-B-L-E situation

I do not like confrontation and that is why this has been a doozy of a week for me emotionally. God has been prompting me to speak-up in situations that make me very uncomfortable. For example, I mentioned a while back that many marriages around us are crumbling. I think I specifically spoke of my dismay over our RUF (college ministry) pastor's problems. When I found out last week that he was being excommunicated I was so heart broken. Sad for him, sad for his family, sad that Satan is winning the battle for his marriage. So, after feeling an overwhelming obligation, I wrote him a letter. I basically begged and pleaded with him to turn away from his sin. Have you ever felt like God was telling you to do this for someone in crisis? If not, take it from me, it is difficult and uncomfortable. It is always hard to talk about someone else's sin. After all, I am well aware of my own and I do not want to sound judgemental. But I kept thinking about exhortation and God's great provision through it. And I kept thinking about how the universe was created by God through mere words, so why couldn't he change a life, a heart, through using my mere words? If nothing else, I decided it was important to obey God.
Well, I am not sure that my letter was received with love or appreciation. I got a one sentence response. That's never good. I was so tempted to lay awake last night and mull over in my mind what this man must be thinking about me now. I had to force myself to trust the Lord. Not everything He asks me to do will benefit my reputation, it will often likely do the opposite with certain people. The gospel is offensive! I pray that as I get older that my walk with the Lord will mature and I can put aside myself easier. What is the Bible verse about "unless a seed dies, it can not fall to the ground and produce fruit"? My friend quoted that verse to me today. I want to see fruit in my life and others, but, just as God promised after the fall, life is full of thorns and weeds.
I think the lesson I have learned from all of this is to trust and obey, each day. To not let the busyness of this life sweep away the reason that I am here. To not lose sight of Jesus and His great sacrifice. Because I am seeing the speed at which Satan works when we take our eyes off of Jesus. As the Bible says, He is "a crouching lion looking for someone to devour"!


Jennifer said...

That's a tough one! I don't like that feeling, either. What I really don't like is being MISUNDERSTOOD. I HATE that, but I also hate being a coward. Rocks and hard places.

But it helps me, like you said, to remember that Jesus was possibly THE most misunderstood Person Who ever lived! He is our ultimate vindication.

In this world, especially in our culture, the definitions of prideful and humble are often switched around. WE say we have the ultimate Truth, THEY say we are proud. THEY say they are humble because they use words like, "To me,..." implying that they are open to what this means "To you..."

I am not all that interested in what Truth means "To you..." or "To me...," either, for that matter... and therefore, in our culture, I would be labeled self-righteous and proud. I am trying to point to something and Someone OUTSIDE of myself, while THEY are always pointing ever inward, making themselves and others little gods.

Your friend may misread your letter. He may call you names like pious, and proud. Just remember that his definitions are skewed, as well as his perspective. And Jesus knows what that is like - look at all the names they called Him! The world does not recognize love as defined in Scripture. Love is more than an emotion, and tougher than our silly notions allow it to be.

"The wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of an enemy."

It's good that you are thinking clearly and wisely. It's good, but not easy. :)

Jennifer said...

I have a little award for you over at my place if you want it. Come and see...


RHB said...

Whoa, that sounds like serious obedience to me. I'm glad you wrote him. I pray that the letter was recieved with the love that prompted you to write it!

RHB said...

Whoa, that sounds like serious obedience to me. I'm glad you wrote him. I pray that the letter was recieved with the love that prompted you to write it!

Jenn said...

eww. ouch. I cringed with sympathy pains. But Yeah! YOU! for walking in obedience!!!! I even like confrontation just a tad and that would STILL have been very difficult.

There's a silly little line from a VeggieTale the kids were watching last week that's been coming to my mind...."You do the thing with the stick and He does the rest." This was your 'thing with the stick'. God will do the rest. (((Hugs))))

slk said...

Praise the Lord for your obedience! I, like you, hate confrontation. A couple of years ago, I felt the need to confront my best friends husband on some things in his life...not fun. Keep praying!
(I found you through morningsong's blog).