Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our little orator

Remember this post about Jaybird? It was prompted because he was chosen as the alternate for his class to recite a poem for the oratorical recital. Well...he has been asked to recite his poem, even though he was chosen alternate. Oh my goodness! He will be "performing" in our church sanctuary tomorrow in front of two student bodies and parents. I am pretty sure there will be 200-300 people in the audience. Even though he says he has "stage fright", he is very excited. We have practiced in the sanctuary, at home, with friends...all over the place! We have discussed every aspect of public speaking that I can imagine he might need to know. So now...I just have to let him shine and sit...nervously!

I bought him his first suit today to wear tomorrow. It is a light tan linen suit. He has a yellow dress shirt and blue striped tie to complete a handsome package. We'll add some extra hair gel and dress shoes and he will look "the part". I would post pictures, but the camera has dead batteries. (Don't worry, I'm going to get more tonight!) Pray for my little guy tomorrow! His poem is pretty cute, especially with hand motions and inflection. Here it is:

Grandpa is not a Gorilla, by Marty Nystrom
My grandpa is not a gorilla
my sis doesn't swing in the trees
my mom doesn't mimic a monkey,
and Dad doesn't forage for fleas.

My grandma is hardly a gibbon,
my aunt doesn't scratch her armpits,
my brother will not eat bananas,
unless they're in sundaes or splits.

My nephew can't walk on his knuckles,
my niece has no hair on her knees,
and none of my cousins or uncles
smell anything like chimpanzees.

So you can imagine the look on my face-
I sat with my mouth all agape-
while Teacher tried hard to convince me
I'm related to some kind of ape.

I know that my kinfolk aren't perfect-
we have chumps in our family tree-
but none of the gang's an orangutan,
so you can't make a monkey out of me!
"So God created people in his own image; God patterned them after himself." Genesis 1:27

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Go, J Bird, GO!!! :) I wish I could be there and see him in person! Please let us know how it goes! :) How wonderful and exciting!