Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good, bad, ugly updates

*Updates on updates: Baby is still calling me Mommy...sigh. All the Easter clothes and gifts are bought. The premature baby is hanging in there and doing better. And the disgusting virus is finally completely deleted from our computer! (THANKS, UNCLE BEN!)

The good...The baby woke up this morning calling me "Mommy". Toot calls me Mommy, so I guess she picked it up from him. It is so odd to see this petite, little pumpkin calling me "Mommy".

The bad...I realized today that I have 7 days until Easter and still have not bought Easter outfits for the boys. They need dress shoes, too. Yikes!

The ugly...A friend of ours has a premature infant with a rare intestinal infection. As I was praying, I decided to google her illness and do a little research. As I clicked on a website, I infected our computer with a virus. For the past two days, our computer has randomly popped-up vulgar pictures! Thankfully, I was the one on the computer each time. These pictures were so graphic that I literally felt violated after seeing them for the split second it took me to scream, turn away, and turn off the computer. Hopefully the problem will be fixed tomorrow. People do the creepiest things!


hyperactivelu said...

That is awful. Oh my goodness. I'm so glad that you've been the one on the computer. Yuck! Yes, I too just realized that Easter was a week away. I had to go through the boys closet to see if anything I had would fit either kiddo. Thankfully I have something for each of them...not the things planned. The things I had planned were too big for both boys. Oh well! I can't wait to see them dressed up together. Hopefully it'll stay pretty! Happy Easter and hope you get the computer fixed soon! Oh, I'm having a contest to celebrate my year in the blogging world! Come by and enter if you're interested.

Jennifer said...

total yuck. it scares me that the kids could see stuff like that, which is why they are so limited with what they are allowed to do and will never have tvs or computers in their rooms!!! EVER!!