Monday, December 09, 2013

Random fun from December

Uncle Rick's birthday dinner 
What a pride-and-joy look he's giving his youngest daughter.
A friend's choir performance
The Nutcracker
Beautiful dancers and sets
A couple of nerdy-birds imitating the soldiers
My nieces' fun Christmas program
Time for books and Starbucks

My precious students, with their beautiful crayon-resist Bethlehem skyline drawings in the background
I love these little souls so much.  I am so blessed to spend my mornings with them!
 Lydie and her best friend on "Christmas Spirit Day" at school

Lydie at her cousin, Anna's, gingergread birthday party
Lydie and Mom
SEC championship football game with Hester in Atlanta
My brother gave me two free tickets to the SEC championship football game in Atlanta.  My sweet friend from school and I went together and had a great day!  I enjoyed so much the time with her and especially the exciting football game!  War Eagle!  Made me think about how pushing 40 doesn't mean we can't be spontaneous and fun!  Carpe diem!!
This day was such a blast!  Auburn won the SEC championship and we were there!
“Jesus was God and man in one person, that God and man might be happy together again.”
George Whitefield 

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