Thursday, December 19, 2013

Celebrating Jesus at school

16 precious gifts from God in Lydie's class
 This year I was able to attend Lydie's Christmas party.  As is often the case, I attend events in my own children's classrooms thanks to the kindness of my room mom's willingness to keep the class going while I am away.  I am deeply thankful to be able to work as a teacher, and yet not miss out in my own children's classrooms.  This is very important to me.
We provided plates and napkins.  Seeing her middle name on something at Christmas never gets old!
I am so full of gratitude as I reflect on Lydie's little first grade party.  These darlings sang, and quoted Luke 2, and each had a short speaking part, reminding their parents of the biblical account of Christ's birth and what it means for us even now in 2013.  They sang so innocently and boldly.  I am extremely thankful that they can worship and learn, all for the glory of God, in their classrooms.  I pray our freedoms are never taken away from us. 

Singing to Jesus!
Lydie's teacher is probably the most gifted teacher I have ever observed.  She has experience and wisdom and it oozes out of her responses to the children in every area.  If they are distressed, she has a biblical comfort.  If they are excited, she encourages them and thanks the Lord with them for whatever they are enjoying.  She points them to his guidance, grace, and mercy so naturally and tenderly.  Lydie responds so well to a gentle voice.  It is so inspiring to listen and watch her with our children.  I am very grateful that she shares her mornings with her teacher, especially during this season of Advent.  So thankful for the body of Christ and how we can minister to one another!

**Joshua was sick on Christmas party day!  We were so sad that he missed out!**

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