Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve at home

This little girl is always the most excited!  Fireworks...squeal!
For New Year's Eve this year, we decided to stay home.  I considered driving to my best friend's house in Atlanta again, but we needed to be here.  So we put the fire pit in the driveway and had our own little shindig.

Trying a new way to (safely) blow something up with a firework.  Boys!  (and men!)
The kids enjoyed s'mores and fireworks.  The boys tried the little "poppers" in bottles of water, with their Lego men tied on, etc.  Boys + fire= experimentation.  Thankfully, Andy was supervising...often devising...with them.  We were outside a couple of hours enjoying the night. 

My favorite spot
Sweet Josh enjoying s'mores.
The kids were determined to stay up until midnight.  We came in around 10:00.  Andy and I were tired, but we stayed the course with the kids.  I was a little appalled at what was on television.   Last time I watched Dick Clark's New Year's Eve show it was not what I saw last night.  Yikes.  So anyone we piddled around until we finally made it until midnight.  Hooted and hollered and then we were all asleep in the bed 5 minutes later! Happy 2014!
Good-bye, bad guy!

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