Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fourth grade Medieval Feast

 Joshua's class had their big event of the year! They spend the year in history studying the the early church through the Medieval Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation.  We celebrated the culmination of their Medieval Ages study with the Medieval Feast. It is amazing!
The programs
Here are the fourth graders who attended.
Josh is third from the left, back row (ofcourse)
Here are some of the decorated areas
The first wall
The dessert table
The stage
Each student made a shield which was displayed on the walls.
The queen (Rhetoric school history teacher playing up the part of the snobby queen) and her daughters (fourth grade teachers)

The students serving the parents

For entertainment, the rhetoric school drama club performed a play

And the fourth graders did a wonderful, medieval dance!

The girls were given crowns and a little encouraging speech about being daughters of King Jesus. The boys were "knighted" and given an encouraging talk by our headmaster to pursue Christ with the strength and honor of a knight. This was a highlight of the night!
Joshua getting "knighted"
Sweet princesses
Here we are, along with another parent at our table,

Andy in a borrowed tunic
Even the parents were asked to dress up!  A friend let me borrow this fun costume.
This dad sat across from us.  His costume was my favorite!
 The food

Each table had a platter of "finger foods"
It was truly a marvelous night, especially for the children who were able to see history come alive!!

One of my sweet friends and her daughter

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