Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer fever

This week was extremely challenging for me emotionally.  Oh, the weariness!  Fifteen little personalities to encourage and disciple.  We dealt with cheating in the classroom this week.  The tears and conviction from this precious little girl made me cry, too.  And then there is the ever present communication with parents, some more than others.  We are all sensitive about our little ones, and a teacher walks a fine line between being too passive and being too verbal.  It can be tricky, especially when your entire heart is invested in your students!  Then there is work relationships with other teachers, which for the most part is pure joy and encouragement.  But there can be a bump or too, naturally.  And all of these things do not even include family relationships, or other relationships outside of work.  It's just been a bumpy ride this week.  Hard things to say and do.  And I am tired.  Lots of prayer needed, little time alone (when I can stay awake).  This teaching ministry is hard, the good kind of hard, like parenting and marriage.  And it wipes me out!

Picture of Jasmine Hill gardens...filled with ancient Greek and Roman replicas and gorgeous flowers.  We had a marvelous field trip there last week.
There are temptations to run, far away.  I have this temptation in all things that God calls me to that are difficult and exhausting.  The year that I had an infant and a toddler, along with a husband who was gone 60+ hours a week, I might have priced plane tickets to California.  And the first year that we were here on our farm, I might have priced plane tickets to Paris.  Seriously.  Not one-way tickets, but a long, quiet month away was always a temptation.  Funny.  Silly.  So far, by God's grace, I have stayed the course, by the way.  No skipping town...yet! Ha!

I think both students and teachers all get weary this time of year.  And summer is ALMOST here.  We all need a break!  The idea of a trip to the beach, weekends at the lake, swimming at the local pool and getting a scoop of ice cream afterwards, and sleeping in...oh, we are so ready.  Summer fever is in full effect!  MUST PRESS ON!!

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