Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jack as John in Peter Pan

As I mentioned in the fall, Jack took a brave risk as a new-to-the-school-sixth-grader and tried out for the logic (middle) school's drama club.  Instead of the part of a pirate in Peter Pan, which he tried out for and would have been glad to get, he was given the role of John.  The children have practiced several hours or more each week since school began.  And last weekend all of their hard work paid off!

It is hard to describe how it feels when you see your child using his gifts and talents to bless others.  He really did a marvelous job.  So many scenes, so many lines and stage directions, and did I mention he is new to this school (and previously homeschooled!)?  I looked at Andy during the curtain call, and we shared a slightly tearful, knowing, glance.  This kid is talented.  And brave.  And most impressive of all, he is so comfortable in his own skin.  Not that he doesn't recognize his flaws.  But his confidence is in Christ.  And he is comfortable and vulnerable, and it translates on stage.  We are so amazed with this boy of ours.  He brings so many laughs and so much joy to our family.  Here are a few pictures.  (Jack is the one with the top hat.)
Jackson had18 friends and family, along with the four of us, who came to support him.  We were so thankful!  Here he is pictured with a few of us.
Mother, Wendy, John, and Michael discussing Never Land
Peter, Wendy, Michael, and John eavesdropping on the mermaids, pirates, and Indian
The children in the nursery

Peter and Wendy
The cast doing "the chicken dance" at curtain call :)

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