Friday, April 26, 2013

Growing up

My babies are really growing up.  There are a few moments with them during the last week that I want to remember and treasure.

With Lydie...We bought our first Junie B. Jones books this week.  Lydie reads like a champ, following in her brothers' footsteps.  She reads about three or four pages each night and thinks Junie B. is hilarious.  (She falls asleep almost instantaneously when she goes to bed.)  I have waited for years to buy her this book series!
Curled up with Junie B
With Joshua...My most ferverent prayers were answered this week with my boy!  I have prayed for two years and one month that this darling boy would find a best friend in Alabama.  He and I were both beginning to think his best friend, James, from Georgia would be his one and only best friend.  He is quiet and SLOW to get to know.  But he and his friend Logan have been running up to me at school for weeks asking to spend the night or go somewhere fun together.  Yesterday, Joshua told me he has finally found his "second best friend in life" and it is Logan.  What thrills me so is that Logan is exactly what Joshua needs.  He is funny, outgoing, but also a godly boy.  Joshua needs someone to push him along, as he does not take initiative.  And this little boy is a precious, godly leader.  They have a big gaggle of buddies.  And I am glad.  But still, it thrills me to no end to know that Josh has a best buddy.

With Jack...We had a night alone.  We went out to eat, shopping, and to the book store.  Jackson does not like to shop, but he is THE MOST PATIENT MALE SHOPPER EVER.  We saved the trip to the bookstore (his favorite place on earth) for last.  And he didn't rush me.  Not once.  So when we got to the bookstore, I didn't rush him.  Therefore,
we were there until closing at 11 pm (and we had an hour drive back to the farm!).  Such a sweet night together.  Jackson is an open book, if only we take the time one-on-one with him to listen.  So thankful for that time!
California Pizza Kitchen.  I had salad.  He ate THE WHOLE PIZZA.

These moments with our children are precious and the days are flying by.  Praying every single day for God to captivate their hearts, give them good health and a long life, and prepare them and their future spouses and children for godly service for His glory.  Love being their Mom!!

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