Friday, November 23, 2012


Empty plate, yo!

Love sharing life with these babes.
Best cake on earth

So glad Papa came to celebrate with us!

At 12, Jackson keeps us laughing.  His expressions and one-liners are a SCREAM!

This little one is still my shadow.  I adore her and enjoy her so much!
My parents (too late for pictures) and Andy's Dad (Mimi was sick:) )  joined us for dinner at our new favorite burger joint- Flip Burger.  It was a sweet birthday.  The kids were all excited.  After the fun dinner, Nutella milkshakes were served.  Wow.  And then later Andy made a homemade strawberry cake for me, our annual tradition.  I promise you there is not a better cake on earth!
This year has been filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows.  We are in a busy, but wonderful season right now.  So many things have changed.  I hope to have time to reflect on it all before the new year.  What a difference time makes!

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