Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lucy, the stinker

A month or so ago a chocolate lab puppy showed up in our yard.  This is all too common because in Alabama when people can't sell or give away puppies, they often "drop them off" in rural areas.  Do they realize there are coyotes and all manner of predators around here?  It's like they think they'll live a happy, country life.  Then again, maybe they just don't care.  Andy has had to kill strays before because other wise they starve and are just pathetic.  He says it feels really horrible to shoot a dog.  I can only imagine. 

Any way, this puppy was just the cutest thing.  Not only did the kids love her immediately, but our chocolate lab, Toby, became her BFF instantly.  So we kept her and now have one lab who has JUST gotten past the puppy-I-will-chew-and-tear-up-everything stage, only to start over again with this puppy.  We must be mental.

She is so cute, though.  And now we have two happy dogs (and a yard of randomly chewed trash).  :)

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