Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Classroom Thanksgiving Decor

With my third grade class this week we made some fun Thanksgiving stuff.  First, I found a few branches, cut some paper leaves, and we made a thankful tree.  I love that not only is my name written on many, many leaves, but so are each member of my family...Mr. Whorton, Jack, Josh, Lydie.  My students love my whole family!  It's really sweet.  I guess I talk about Andy and the kids a lot with my class and they often feel like part of a big family.

Although it is not in our scope and sequence for third grade, I love to teach drawing to the class.  This week we talked about line and scale.  The assignment was to outline a turkey, and then fill in other lines to create more dimensional and detail.  They were asked to draw a turkey the size of the paper to practice a larger scale.  The drawings were very good, and it made a nice, simple display for the hall.

I think I probably squish in more arts, crafts, and drawing than most classes just because it's so fun and I believe key to a thorough education.  I love to use the last thirty minutes of the day to listen to good music or a good book on cd and create together!  What a way to worship the Creator of all good things!  This class loves our little projects, even the boys!  It's so much fun!

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