Monday, November 05, 2012

Perfect weekend

We got some much needed time away this past weekend!  We were just too pooped on Friday to travel.  So we literally left our backpacks at the door, rested, and fell asleep early.  (Andy had to run to town for a pizza for dinner because I just couldn't make myself put together a meal!)  Saturday morning we threw a few things in a suitcase and left for a day at Auburn.  It was such a beautiful, perfect day.  Our team won (a rare treat this season!) and we enjoyed the day with all the perks of a scholarship club, season ticket holder's benefits!  My brother let us use his tickets, parking pass, and food bracelets for the day.  So we had great seats, perfect weather, plenty of free food, and a good parking spot.

After the game we walked to Toomer's Corner with the other fans and helped roll the trees.  Then we had freshly-squeezed Toomer's lemonade, and the kids had it for the first time.  This adorable older couple had a slingshot set up with tissue for kids to shoot into the trees.  That was big fun.

On the way to the car we saw one of the Auburn cheerleaders.  She stopped to pose with Lydia Joy, even offering her pom-poms to let Lydie  hold for the picture.  Lydie had stars in her eyes!  Aren't they darling?

We decided to spend the night at the lake house.  That was a great decision.  It was quiet and a nice change of pace.  The leaves were spectacular.  We had dinner at Niffers, watched a movie, and went to bed early.  Then on Sunday we got out the boat and cruised around the lake, which was very deserted with only a few boats and sailboats, and enjoyed the fall trees.  We fished along the banks and just had an easy, slow afternoon.

Later, Andy played football in the yard by the lake while I cleaned.  We all said a sad goodbye and came home refreshed.  What a perfect way to savor my favorite season!  I feel like I have barely looked around this fall, so I am so thankful for a whole two days outside!  What a blessing!

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