Sunday, August 05, 2012

Jack's lake birthday party

Some of Jackson's favorite people!
Fun fishing-themed cupcakes: pretzels for the rod, with gummy fish tied to the ends, blue icing for water
So easy and inexpensive!

I used fishing lures and twine for decoration, along with more gummy fish

I tied the plastic utensils and napkins with twine and a single white life saver "preserver".
This year we celebrated Jack's birthday at the lake house again.  Jack invited his cousins,aunts, uncles, and grandparents, along with two families whom we love from Atlanta, and three friends from homeschool classes.  It was a great day with jet skis, boating, and swimming.  Poor little brother slipped in the bathroom and chipped his two front teeth and busted his lip, which added a little unwanted drama.  But we affectionately just knick-named him "Shark Tooth" for the weekend and Monday morning he went to the dentist and came out as good as new.  Jack really loved introducing his two new best friends, Jacob and Caleb, to his two best friends Wes and Will from Atlanta.  And we all had a blast spending the entire weekend with these two precious families at our lake house!  It was a treat and really fun.  I cannot believe Jack is 12!  One more year and teenager-hood will be officially here!  He is very responsible, tender, hard-working, and funny.  He is so much fun and I love him so dearly.  What a delight he is to have for a son!  I think he had a great birthday and felt very special.  We will treasure these parties and encourage them as long as he will continue to let us throw them for him.  His sweet childhood is fleeting!!

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