Sunday, August 26, 2012

My classroom

My only bulletin board.  I am going with a travel these the first quarter of the year.

My attempt at hot air balloons!
I chose to have to clumps of desks like these with a bookshelf at the end for extra binders, books, and supplies. 
My little area behind my desk.

I made these chevron-patterned curtains.  I tried to use red, brown, yellow, and turquoise for the main colors in the room.

It's hard to see in this picture, but we do not have desks.  We have plastic tables.  So I made a table skirt, lined on the top with turquoise ribbon, and I used velcro to attach it to the top of the table.
Happy owl pencil holder!
I cut maps and used yellow ribbon to make map pendants across the ceiling.

My door: "Let the Journey Begin", with each child's name on a license plate.

A gift for the students on Open House.  Rolos and hershey kiss pencils.
Framed Leonardo da Vinci sketches line the window.  He is the subject of our first artist study.
Refreshments for the parents.
Artist study wall.  I hope to add more soon!
These pictures do not capture my entire classroom, but they do show a few of my favorite spots.  I took these pictures on Open House night, so there were refreshments and flowers.  I try to keep fresh flowers in my room because I love them so much.  We will see how long that lasts! More on the classroom and school soon...


Carrie Thompson said...

looks great. I am glad you have found a situation that is working out for you and your family.... not even "knowing" you other than reading your blog it has been hard to watch you struggle so...praying your days are blessed!

Bec said...

Renee, that is the greatest classroom! Your stamp is all over it. I hope your year goes well!
Becca R

Wanting What I Have said...

How fun!!! Everything looks great! What a fun start to the year.