Saturday, August 18, 2012

A few fun back-to-school parties

Our school is a classical, Christian school.  This makes it different in many ways to traditional schools.  One way is that the elementary school is called the "grammar school", the middle school is the "logic" school, and the high school is called the "rhetoric" school.  The entire student body, K-12, is on one campus, on various levels of the building.
When a student enters the logic school (6th grade), there are many transitions that are very exciting.  So this is a very big year for our Jack.  There are lockers, changing of classes, and special privileges.  Two of the favorite traditions are being inducted into "houses" (much like Harry Potter) and school dances.  The children learn four or five basic dances (swing, fox trot, waltz, etc.) and have many formal and informal dances.  They learn how to ask a girl to dance and how to thank the girl and walk her back to her seat.  Before their formal dance (cotillion), they take etiquette classes during lunch and more ballroom classes during p.e.  It's a big deal and the kids love it.  They also learn fun line dances, too.  Little did we know that at the back-to-school luau, Jackson would be dancing!  So we arrived 30 minutes early and the upper class men helped the sixth graders learn the dances and learn the way to treat the girls.  It was SO PRECIOUS.  Here he is at his first dance.  (This dance was the Saturday before school.  He knew NO ONE.  And there he was, expected to dance with girls!  Can you say BRAVE??)  Afterwards he said, "Wow, Mom.  Who knew dancing could be so much fun?"  All I could say in reply is, "Jack, you are amazing!"

That week I also attended a little party.  My sweet friend and fellow teacher hosted the grammar teachers in her beautiful home for a luncheon.  Her home is amazing, cozy and adorable from top to bottom. And she had the tables and the house all decked out in a back-to-school theme.  Our devotion and prayer were so inspiring.  I could not quit thanking God that this year I will be teaching with a TEAM!!  What an answer to prayer!

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