Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Jack's big day...12!!

Jackson turned 12 on July 31st.  We enjoyed celebrating all day long with him!  I put some tissue for him to break through on his birthday morning.  This treat was a big hit with the kids.

Birthday morning fun!
Here he comes!!
Breakfast of champions.
Simple m&m cupcakes on his actual birthday.
For breakfast he chose biscuits, french toast, eggs, and bacon.  And then he opened his presents from us.  He asked for a Lord of the Rings lego set.  He read the books this summer (with Andy's guidance) and loved them. He also got a signed copy of the Superman movie script which he saw at a local antique store.  He always has loved books and movies!

That night we had our annual tradition of taking him out to eat.  This year not only was it our own little family, but our three college friends from Atlanta (who are like family) went with us.  He chose Flip Burger for his special meal.  It was really fun and yummy, especially the Krispy Kreme and Nutella milkshakes for dessert!

Andy with our kids and our college "children"!
Sweet boys!
Later that weekend we had his party at the lake house.  We invited two families from Atlanta who we love dearly to come and spend the entire weekend.  We also invited cousins, grandparents, and a few close friends and our neighbors.  It was great fun!  The group was so large that we had "all hands on deck".  Some kids road jet skis with my brother, others went on the tubes and boat rides with my husband, and the ladies took a group to the pool, too.  We served burgers and chips and had a fishing theme for his cupcakes and decor.  He had a really wonderful time. (Pictures soon)

I cannot believe he is twelve!  One more year and we will have a teenager on our hands!  I have nothing new to say about this precious guy, only that we adore him and he brings us joy every day with his tender, servant heart.  I think he enjoyed his special celebrations and we enter another year with him praising God for the gift he is to us!

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