Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The countdown until school...

Wow, what a summer.  Our sweet helper Charissa left last Thursday after spending a month helping me with the kids.  Her last week we had two other visitors from our Atlanta youth group.  It was a fun week.  I haven't gotten out my camara a lot this summer, but here are a few other memories that I  captured.

We took our neighbor to the science center for a fun day.
Lydie learned to swim underwater recently.  She has to pop up for air, so she still can't hang out in the deep end.  But she is going under like a fish, a big improvement for her.  I still did not get her to swim lessons...maybe this winter at the YMCA?
The boys loved the high dive at the public pool in town.  The kids went with Charissa to the pool a lot this summer.  Good times.

This past weekend we hosted two families from Atlanta at our lakehouse for the weekend.  It was Jack's birthday.  So on Saturday we had other friends and family over for his party.  Such good memories!  I cannot believe my oldest son is 12 and going into middle school this year.  I am so proud of him.  He is an amazing kid.

Now we are fully focused on getting ready for school.  I am still working a lot in my classroom.  The kids have uniforms and backpacks on the way.  Today we are buying shoes and socks.  And summer review work and reading are in progress.  In less than 2 weeks summer break will be over and we will be part of a school!  We are almost ready and so excited.  The kids met their teachers at an event called "Popsicles at the Playground", and I met my students.  That night made us all really excited for this year.
Lydie all ready for Popsicles at the Playground!

Life is about to change tremendously for us.  We cannot wait!

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