Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thrilled for the fall

We have found a marvelous fit for school in the fall. I am beside myself with excitement. It's "above and beyond what we dared ask or imagine". My sweet sister-in-law found out about this opportunity for us through a friend. She has been praying, and God used her, BIG TIME! It's such an encouragement for me!

We have found a hybrid school about 40 minutes away. Sounds like a long way, but keep in mind it takes us 25 minutes to get to the nearest grocery store. The minivan is our second home during the school year! The kids will go to school 9-3 on Mondays and Wednesdays. They use the Sonlight curriculum to teach history, literature, geography, Bible and then they are using this book for Science. They are also taking guitar and art from very skilled teachers. I choose math and grammar/spelling and it is done solely at home. The teachers are all highly qualified with masters or doctorate degrees and plenty of excitement and passion. The two teachers that teach the core subjects are both currently home schooling their children, too.

I have ALWAYS said that a hybrid school would be the perfect fit for us. A lot of time with friends, a break for me, but still more influence at home and the opportunity to teach the children, and we will have loads of family time. I feel so blessed that we have found this opportunity that will serve us all so well! It became obvious after learning more about the school the boys attended last spring that it was not a good fit for us. I am so excited to not be completely giving up the precious time homeschooling the boys. Praise God for this huge answer to prayer!

Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul,

And sings the tune without words,

And never stops at all

And sweetest is the gale is heard;

And sore must be the storm

That could abash the little bird

That kept so many warm

I've heard it in the chilliest land

And on the strangest sea;

Yet, never, in extremity,

It asked a crumb of me.

"Hope is the Thing with Feathers" by Emily Dickinson

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