Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lake Martin Lakehouse project *finally*

Growing up with my Dad, I had to learn how to think quickly on my feet. He is a dreamer, BIG TIME. And, he changes his mind a lot. Did I mention that he is impulsive? So it didn't come as a big shock to me when he called a couple of months ago and said he was buying a lake house. (By the way, I inherited it all...dreamer, mind changer, impulsive decision maker! :) )

What did come as a shock, however, is when he closed on it a couple of weeks ago, brought me a set of keys, and gave me 2 weeks to decorate it from top to bottom. He likes to assign me these types of big projects, often times forgetting that I am not an employee. But I agreed (okay, maybe even squealed out loud) when he asked, because I am a sucker for a fun project. And this task of decorating was really quite small in comparison to what he shares with us!

Here are the rooms to date. So far the house is a little sterile, with very few personal touches. I am sure in no time that will be resolved! But the basic furniture and decorative elements are all in place. Oh, and these photos are awful. I was really pooped the day I took them. Oh well. Looking forward to many days soaking up the lake!

Family Room
The tv console above is painted red, which is hard to tell! And this picture was taken before the flat screen tv was delivered. Looks so bare! Also, to the left of the tv console is the clock that I failed to photograph. It was one of my favorite finds!**I am surprising my Dad with sepia-toned photos of he and my Grandad at the lake when Dad was a boy. There will be three, hung vertically, on each side of the table above. Can't wait!

Dining room FoyerMom and Dad's bedroom

Our bathroom (Didn't photograph the others!)

Our bedroom

My brother and sister-in-law's bedroom

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