Monday, July 25, 2011

For Women Only: Hormone questions answered

Okay, several of you ladies have sent personal emails regarding this post about my hormone wackiness. I DID get the treatments. All of the hormones in my body were extremely off kilter. None of the numbers were within a normal range. Besides basic hormones, they also test vitamin B12 and thyroid levels.

They use all-natural (from yam and other vegetables extracts!?) hormone shots. They actually inject small (grain of sand size) pellets under the skin, in the hip area. Using pellets as opposed to pills or patches are supposed to keep the hormone levels up and not dipping up and down. (The hormones are released more slowly and gradually.) There first two injections were 1 month apart. From then on, I get the injection every 3 months. They check my hormones by drawing blood once a month. I take a B12 vitamin, calcium, Vitamin D, and a regular vitamin every day. And for some reason, I can't remember the explanation, I have to take progesterone as a pill as well. I'm not sure why it isn't in the injection.

Here are my personal results:
About 5-7 days after the first shot I felt a lot better. By 10 days in I was full of energy, less moody, and able to handle stress with a clear head. I just felt wonderful in general. The very first night I had trouble sleeping. I think it was due to the B12 injection they gave me. My body had almost NO B12 in it. They said I needed injections once a week, along with daily pills! (They said I shouldn't have had the energy to get out of bed every day. But strangely, I have never felt low-energy!)

About three weeks in I had a couple of nights that I was really hot. I think it was the first time I had PMS since starting the hormones. My skin also broke out! But it got better in about five days. I had NO emotional symptoms of PMS and "the monthly visitor" came and left very fast. It was the first time in maybe a year that I wasn't FULL OF ANGER during this time of the month. This is not the only positive mood change I have had! Enough said??

Overall, I am SO, SO pleased. Life has been pretty stressful since we moved. I am very thankful I have been able to deal with it feeling healthy and with plenty of energy! My husband, of course, RAVES about this treatment as well. As you can imagine, all of this is a very pleasant gift for him, too! Any more questions?

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maryanne said...

Ha Ha! You go, girl! Pat might love for me to go on those magical hormones too:). Glad things are going so well!