Thursday, May 05, 2011

Our night at the Ball

The boys' school had an evening event tonight: "The Fairytale Ball". Each class was designated a theme for costume and activities. I was in charge of the fourth grade's "Candy Land" booth. My gut reaction was to be reluctant to volunteer because we are new and I have no idea of the expectations. But I am so glad that I did because I got to know some of the teachers and parents better. My one, simple goal was met. And that goal was for his teacher to be pleased and relieved. And there was a bonus, my children were delighted too!

Candy land booth:

Candy maker costume (Jack), Jester (Joshua), Princess (Lydie):

Other fun activities: Jack and several of the girls in his class Hansel and GretelThe Princess and the Pea bed Maypole danceKnights Princesses

**Josh accidentally dropped and broke my regular lense. This zoom lense requires me to stand 30 feet away to get a shot. Pretty funny. If my husband is reading this...guess what I would LOVE for Mother's day?? :)

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