Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Disregard what I said yesterday

Decisions, decisions. I'm racked with them. Praying right now for the balance between wanting to serve within the context of a community of learners, and wanting to give my children what I consider an ideal education. Don't want to get carried away with either. (Can't I just have both, Lord?) I am going to look back at a view documents Andy and I wrote out together when we went on a date with the purpose of setting a vision for our family. Praying the Lord will illuminate the way.


Kim said...

Still praying for ya girl!!!

Abby said...

Okay, I hadn't checked in since the beginning of the month. All I can say is whoa! First of all, I totally avoided the doctor for the same reasons and finally went this fall and am so glad I did! You will be glad you went. It is hard to make time for it (I have the same problem with haircuts!) and we all fear the scale or any other kind of possible not so great news, but it is good to have someone who can help if you need it. I hope you get a doctor that is as kind and helpful as mine has been. I had some OBs that left me dreading doctors so I really prayed before I had this appointment. And she has turned out to be a real answer to prayer.

Second of all, that is some scary playground talk! Wow! I am amazed at how well you handled it! I wouldn't have known to do any of that! Yikes! Well done, you! But I am sorry and sad that it happened. I hope nothing like that happens again.

And then, I just also wanted to say that moving is hard. I totally know. It's hard to be patient because it just takes time to settle in. It's like when you have a newborn and people tell you they'll sleep better between six and eight months and you're like "but I want to sleep now!!!" Or that's what I always think. Because I don't know if people have told you that it takes two years, but sadly, I tend to think that little piece of conventional wisdom is true. Or maybe it's more during the second year when things start seeming more familiar. But for that first year everything is just new new new. You seem like you're doing great with it though! I know the school decision is rough too. That is coming for us as soon as we figure out where we'll be. It's really hard to know what to do! It seems like each family, each child, and each season are different. You have SO much on your plate! I hope you continue to find peace and joy as you wrestle through all of these transitions and decisions- you'll be even stronger on the other side! :)