Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's day

Thank you, sweet Andy for a beautiful day. I awoke to the annual tradition of french toast, fruit, and coffee in bed with fresh flowers. I look forward to it! Then... Lunch out. A day of rest and HGTV! A little time in the garden. A magazine read cover to cover. A nap. Precious cards. Thank you for the sweet words. And tomorrow a trip to Birmingham for camera lense or I-pad?? Enjoyed seeing my Mom on Saturday and exchanging gifts. She and my Dad gave me a lovely orchid and some money. She wants me to go to Anthropologie and buy "one of those artsy shirts". Sounds like fun! I hope she enjoyed her day today with my brother's family!! (Happy Mother's day, Aunt Kim and Aunt Chelle!) And I hope my mother-in-law feels better soon. I am sure it stinks to be sick on Mother's day!

We took NO pictures yesterday (broken camera lense). But I did take some time to really reflect on my mother relationship with each child, where we are and what I can see coming in the near future. I love having no toddlers/no teenagers right now. Those stages are wonderful, but this rare time is probably the most simple I will have until my children are all grown. The children still all play together, giggle, etc. And no one needs a nap or diaper change. So uncomplicated!

Having said that, these are the areas that challenge me and I have committed to prayer:

Bickering, especially in the car, help Lord!?

Our school: Are we in the right place?

Our church: The boys have no other boys any where remotely near their age. This is very bothersome.

Spiritual protection/heart for ministry for the children as we are venturing more into secular circles. (baseball, gymnastics, etc.)

Physical protection on the farm.

Good use of time this summer! (Fun trips, intentional training with chores/character, time with friends and family)

Relationships with extended family

Looking forward to another year of loving and serving this family! (And another year of being loved and served!)

Happy Mother's Day!

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Meredith Howard said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day. I vote for a new camera lens. I'm all for more photography/less computer. (Although I'm not sure how that will happen since I use my pictures for my blog.)

- Meredith