Friday, May 20, 2011

Farmhouse renovations: Living room

The living room is in the front of the house and gets lots of sunshine. We use it a lot for playing games, watching shows, and lounging after dinner. Other than changing out a few pillows, I hope to keep this room just like this for a while! The color of the room is the perfect mix of grey and tan, I can't remember the color. It's a neutral room except for some surprising pops of yellow and red. Everything in here came from the old house except a few new pieces:

-the silver hammered lamps on the buffet (Home Goods for $34.99 each)

-the curtains, which I made a month or so ago (Fabric and Fringe Warehouse in Atlanta for $13/yd.)

-the tv console (IKEA for around $250, I think).

But even though this room is filled with basically the same things as our last living room, it looks completely different.

This is the side of the room that is opposite the front door.

The baker's rack serves as the kids' dumping station. Still dreaming of changing the carport into a sunroom/mudroom. Some day...

This bench and the coat closet are on the wall to the left of the front door. The hall way to the bedrooms are just to the right of the bench.

I wasn't sure about yellow curtains. But I decided to go for it any way.

Love the yellow on the pillows, but hate the fabric. Maybe I'll recover them this summer. Maybe not!

View from the hallway.

This room is one of my favorites in the house! I sit in the corner of the sectional when I have a quiet time, the perfect place for morning sun and coffee. And I snuggle there in the evenings after the kids are in bed for a whole 3 minutes with Andy before we are both sound asleep! :)

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maryanne said...

It looks great! Sunny and warm. Just what I would expect from your decorating hand:)