Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farmhouse renovations: exterior

I have been trying to do some "curb appeal" projects on the exterior of the home. The term "curb appeal" is pretty funny considering that we have no curbs (in fact our driveway is gravel) and you can barely see our house from the road. So exterior renovations would be a better term. Any way, I have used a maddix to chop out every plug of grass that had grown between the bushes and the house. I don't think I like grass any more. It has tough, deep roots which were a killer to remove. I guess that's why it's so hardy and popular. There were no "flower beds", just random bushes and grass. My entire body hurts AND I slept so hard last night that I got a crick in my neck. (Now I know how my husband feels at the end of EVERY day!)
I finally got rid of the grass, mulched, planted flowers, and rearranged some things yesterday. I hung flower boxes under the windows. I moved some of the patio chairs to the front "porch" (really walk way) and got a new door mat. Then I painted the rail on the porch black.



Next up:

~new black shutters

~new red door

Today is the last day of school for the boys! SUMMER BREAK STARTS TOMORROW!!


Sue Mitchell said...

Looks great-what kind of flowers did you put in the window boxes at your Georgia home? Loving all the plants...looking forward to tending them.

Renee said...

The front beds on the right have gardenias and hollies and hastas and ferns, I think. The beds on the left have hydrangea and day lillies and a butterfly bush. The big tree is a weeping cherry. It is my favorite tree EVER. The window box under our bedroom window has had all kinds of flowers. Just make sure they take full sun or they will scorch and die quickly. I have put marigolds there, I know, one year. The yellows and oranges look bright and fun next to the black and white house. I also loved red geraniums on the front porch b/c the red was such a constrast to the house. Poor flowers there have been so neglected!