Sunday, June 08, 2008's swimsuit season

It's swimsuit season. I like the swimsuit that I bought this summer. It looks more like a tennis outfit than a swimsuit. But regardless, I dread swimsuit season. My I-will-get-my-pre-children-body-back-tomorrow attitude has left me a little nervous to sport the pool attire. I am glad that I am finally feeling up to trying to lose a little weight. Remember this post? I started a "diet" and just became more obsessed with food, with the calorie counting and fat-gram counting. I just kept putting it all off.

Finally, the day after Mother's day I set my goal. You know, I don't do a thing without a goal in mind. I don't even get out of bed without goals for the day. (Is this strange?) Anyway, I set out for a more updated version of the mommy body. I've lost ten pounds so far. It's not about getting more healthy, because I am healthy as a horse. Low blood pressure, perfect iron count, low cholesterol, etc. Praise the Lord for that gift! It's about looking at this area of my life and seeing that I am not giving my best to Jesus. I am not being the best steward of my body.

Even so, I will always be tempted to diet for vanity's sake. For that reason, when I saw the picture below, I shamelessly took more solice in it than I would care to admit.
See that tummy? I guess even Cindy Crawf*rd fights this battle! Who knew?

1 comment: said...

Oh yes! The battle of the bod! I know it well!

The key is to enjoy what you eat and just live in moderation (much easier said than done!).

Blessings to you as you journey through this!