Monday, June 30, 2008

The old memories flood in with the new

For us, just before sunset is the best time to be on the beach. It is not crowded, cool, and you can see lots of wildlife.
We discovered that Lydie's hair becomes curly with humidity. Our boys' hair has never had a single wave, so it was fun to see her with a head full of waves all week.
This picture was taken by the Ripley's Believe it or Not place. Jaybird loved all of the exhibits. Toot and I weren't so sure. I felt like we were at a circus side show, and a little strange for paying to see it all. Some exhibits like the one below were very interesting.
Anyone ever seen the Coliseum recreated with matchsticks? Pretty impressive.
We had lots and lots of fresh fish and shrimp. If you have ever been to Panama City, I'm sure you have eaten at Capt. Anderson's. I ate at this restaurant with Mom, Dad and my brother almost every summer growing up. (Ignore my not-so-lovely beach make make-up and wind blown, frizzy hair)
Walking the same piers as I did years ago, only as the Mama this time.
Old and new...we found a new favorite restaurant. Lydie made friends with the scary looking wooden tiki carving.

I am praising God that He has provided the resources for us to go on family vacations each year. These times of travelling and exploring with the children are so important and special to me. I'm going to stuff these memories into my little treasure trove and cherish them for years to come!


Jennifer said...

I like your "beach makeover." You look happy and beautiful. :)

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

How precious!! I LOVED pouring over your pictures and your words about each one! SO beautiful!!

By the way! You are SOOO CUTE! I LOVE your long hair!

Thanks for praying for me today, that is the best thing that anyone told me today! You are so wonderful! I'm praying for you too, sweet girl!