Friday, June 13, 2008

Would you pray with us?

We are assuming a new role at church. In addition to my husband's company and biology classes, he has accepted the position as interim youth director at our church. One of his best friends is our current youth pastor and has taken another position. He will leave next week and we will step in. I say "we" because every wife knows that with a husband's added responsibility away from home comes a wife's added responsibility in the home. I am very excited to see my husband serve the teens of our church this way. He has a gift and has been working with the high school guys for three years. God has been gracious to dole out blessings in many ways through this ministry and he is needed. He will work 15 hours a week to prepare for the Wednesday night "message", Sunday morning classes, student leaders, and social events. I am very thankful that our new homeschooling venture will lend more time for all of us to be involved in the socials and maybe a retreat. I am going to join him in participating with the high school Sunday school this school year and look forward to small group time with the girls.

My prayer requests would be that we would keep the hedges of protection up consistently to guard our family. (We have set aside certain times for family, time alone, time together as a couple, and will hire someone to help me a little with housework. We are also making time in prayer and the Word the first priority in the morning together.) I pray that our new target for the Evil One will be thwarted by the only One that can protect us from the effects of spiritual warfare. I pray for balance and good stewardship of time for my husband. And I pray that God's kingdom will be built by an increase in faithful followers and strengthened believers in our youth ministry. As I say a lot around here, " we go!".

4 comments: said...

How exciting!! And also a great commitment as well!

I will join you in prayer...I can't wait to hear about how God will be using you both in this new role! You are both perfect for this next step!

:) May God richly bless your family!

RHB said...

Very exciting! You can count on our prayers!

Olive said...

What a wonderful blessing and opportunity! Your kids will certainly be blessed by having a father serve in a youth ministy role, even if for a short time. I know it will open his eyes and prepare him to lead your family as your kids enter into their teenage years (albeit a long time from now!).

I work with troubled youth (and adults) and somethings are eye opening. Knowing where kids (and adults) struggle and hurt and how to really serve them- this will be a blessing to your family. I'll definitley be praying. God might do some tough things to grow you all in this new venture, but it's all worth it as it's for His glory. Blessings to you all! :)

Jenn said...

Oooh! Awesome! I'm praying for ya. My hubby and I led youth for many years and still can't seem to stay too far away from them. It gets to you.

Teen tell it like it is. I love that.

It really does take a lot of extra time. It is a ministry that affects the whole family, but it is so good for those kids to see your family interacting and loving each other.