Friday, June 06, 2008

De-sus uvs me

Have I mentioned that I love the summer? This week has been uneventfully amazing. Swimming, apple pie, friends, cartoons, books, pajamas until lunch. I love it!

Tonight after a day at the pool and an evening of pizza and a movie, my little girl melted my heart. She is 20 months old now. Tonight as I put her to bed, she sang along to "Jesus Loves Me". She has been singing for a while, mainly humming. But tonight, she remembered almost every word, in her own baby talk. Those big blue eyes stared up at me from my lap in the rocking chair and she loudly sang her heart out. Every little part of her face was smiling.

Just for posterity, I want to remember what it sounded like. She has pretty good pitch and sings loud and proud. The words went something like this:
De-sus uvs me dis KNOW.
Foe da Biii-bu tells SOOOO,
Lit-uh ones he beWOOONG.
Dey weak...STOOONG.
Nes...wuvs MEEEE.
Fah Biii-bu tehs SOOO.

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