Saturday, June 07, 2008

Poo-too in potty

Today my little toddler ran to find me as fast as her little one-foot long legs could go. I heard, "Mama, Mama, MOMMY!" I was in the dining room dusting when she found me. She sat down and stared for a minute and then said, "I fink...I fink I go poo-too." "You think you need to go poo-poo?" She nods her head up and down quickly. She has been telling me this statement for two days. I hold her hand and we find a restroom quickly. But she always goes in her diaper before we can get to a potty. But today was different.
I slowly peeled down her diaper, expecting it to be full. But it was empty! She said a little irritated, "I go poo-too!", and pointed at the potty. So I sat her down, no step stool, no potty seat. This was unexpected and I was unprepared. She is still so small, without help she could have fallen in with water up to her chest. So I support her under the arms and she did it! Her first time to tell me and go! She stood up and looked in, a little disgusted at first. The look was hillariously priceless as if to ask, "Is THIS what you clean out of my diaper every day?" But after a few seconds she starts giggling and clapping and yelling to her brothers, "I go potty! I go poo-too!" They both had to come and see, bless their hearts. And being the sweet, precious brothers that they somehow are, they clap and pat her on the back like she is the first human being to ever discover and use a potty. Then she found the phone and brought it to me and said, "I go potty. " I new she was too proud to keep the news to herself. So we called both Mimi and Nana and she shared the news, "Mimi. I potty. I poo-too."

If you are a mom, and you have potty trained one or more children, you know that this step, while wonderful, does not mean she will be in big girl panties next week. But after three children, and the small hint that we might be at the end of the diaper era, a girl can dream, right?


emily said...

Hi good bad ugly! Congrats on your poo-tooer. What a big day, indeed. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to checking in here again. Great photo of your little one!

RHB said...

You lucky, lucky girl! I hope that she continues like this!