Thursday, March 07, 2013

The birds and the bees with a little scientist

So it became time, in Andy's mind, to give Josh the "phase one sex talk".  Little Josh is only ten.  But Andy is determined to make sure that they hear the truth, from him, FIRST.  So beginning at age ten with Jackson, Andy chose to have a talk about every year, each time giving him a little more information than before.  And it was time to start the same process with Josh.  Keep in mind, both boys are completely clueless.

So Andy asked him if he knew how babies got in their Mom's tummies.  Josh confidently replied, "Yes sir.  You pray and God puts them there."  (Take that, Dad!)  Andy replied, "Well, yes.  All that is true.  But there is more to it...."

After telling him the basics of the male and female anatomy and how they have to "come together" for a baby to be born he got really quiet.  Then after a while he said, "I have a question.  What about DNA?"  Love it.  Such a math/science guy.  So Andy explained about the egg and the sperm and the DNA from both parents creating a new life.  He was quiet for a while.  Then he asked, "Oh, so it's like a flower?  With the stamen and the pistil?"  Isn't that the best?  I love that he sees the world with scientific eyes.  Of course my husband, the biologist, was thrilled.  I am sure Josh got more than an earful about botany and the anatomy of the flower. Just trying to imagine the conversation makes me laugh!

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That's so precious!!! I am all smiles!