Sunday, March 17, 2013

Road trip and date night

For spring break this year we spent time at home and in Atlanta.  The first weekend of the break the kids went to grandparents and Andy and I had our weekend of fun.  Then we were all at home for a couple of days, which gave us time for some rest and a day at AirWalk with friends.  (I jumped on the trampolines with the kids for an hour and could barely walk the next day!)  Then we went with Andy on a consulting trip to Atlanta.  The highlights of the trip were seeing friends, going to the Georgia Aquarium, and taking Lydie to the American Girl Bistro and store!  We had a great week!
We were worn out after a day at Airwalk.  My ball!

There was a gymnastic coach at Airwalk with his son.  He helped the boys and their friends learn some new tricks!

Lydie and Kit with the American Girl doll for 2013 (forgot her name?).
Lunch and sweets in the bistro!

Lydie bought Kit some new pink glasses and a high chair.  Lydie said she squealed in her ear. :)
At the entrance of the aquarium...old, familiar territory!

We walked every square inch, loving the new dolphin show most of all!  What a day!  Love these days...just us!

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